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About us

Revolution Church is a fellowship of imperfect people desiring to honor God with our lives.  We exist to love God, love people and make disciples for Christ through biblical sound teaching, authentic community and prayer.  We desire to serve, disciple, and fellowship with families in and nearby the Deanwood community located in Northeast Washington, DC.  Our leadership prepared for nearly a year, having Launch Team meetings on a bi-monthly basis and serving families in Northeast Washington, DC, before beginning Sunday Worship Gatherings in Summer 2014.  We held our first Worship Gathering on June 1, 2014 and have been blessed to serve our community ever since.


As a church we value:


  • Biblically sound doctrine

  • Clear and comprehensive teaching

  • Spiritual growth through personal discipleship

  • Authentic community

  • Strong commitment to prayer

  • Sincere worship


If you're interested in serving with Revolution Church, sign up here.

our pastor:

At the age of six, Sterling Devin Turner, accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He didn't understand everything about the Christian faith, he just knew that a Heaven and Hell existed and that he didn't want the second option. Through out his childhood he went to church with his parents, had a unique interest to know more about God, and knew that he wanted to make a difference in this world some how. But from early elementary through middle school, he had all kinds of struggles of insecurity and depression. So much so that twice in his pre-teenage years he attempted suicide. By God's grace, he wasn't successful.

As a freshman in high school, Devin was confronted with obstacles that many teenagers face which caused him to question God's existence. Along with peer pressure, low self esteem and an envy for the street life, he decided to handle life's problems on his own instead of seeking God for the answers. He began affiliations with known drug dealers in his school. "It seemed like they had life all figured out. Nobody messed with them so I felt like I should roll with them", says Devin. Tupac Shakur and his big brother were the two people he looked up to the most. Looking back on his life he says, "At that time I was so angry and at the same time so confused about who I was". Soon, Devin began to realize that something just wasn't setting well with him about his new lifestyle of choice. And shortly after that realization occurred, his two idols crumbled before his eyes. Tupac was murdered and his big brother got into serious trouble with the police. It didn’t take long for Devin to realize that the results of living a life outside of the will of God were not the answer.

Remembering this transition in his life he says, "I broke down and realized that I was next if something didn't change in me. It was then that I looked up and said to God, 'If you're real, show me you're real'." Soon after, Devin started reading the Bible for himself so that he could know if it was truth or not. "If Christ wasn't real, I was going to prove it and find out who the true God was". In his junior and senior years of high school, he led a daily Bible study where he challenged his peers to pursue godly lifestyles through obedience to God’s Word. After graduating from high school, he attended Bowie State University, where he led a Bible study as a leader of the Impact Movement. Once he graduated from BSU, Devin was hired as a Youth Minister and was later ordained as a pastor of Zion Church in Largo, Maryland.

Now as Lead Pastor of Revolution Church and CEO of Disciples Thru Media, Devin has found a way to make a difference in this world. Every week he ministers to hundreds of people in the D.C. metropolitan area giving them the message that hope and purpose can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition to communicating Biblical truth through preaching, he also uses Hip-hop music to creatively convey God's message to the youth and young adults of this generation.

Devin and his wife Lenneil Turner reside in Washington, DC with their two sons, Justus and Jairus.

Devin Turner